What is Jazbat Emotional Psychotherapy (JEP)

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Jazbat Emotional Psychotherapy (JEP) is the initiative and innovation of Rajeev Singh. JEP solves emotional and life problems. JEP talks about those problems about which we think day and night but do not share with anyone. Using social media, JEP connects people around the globe to find a solution to tough emotional and social situations in life.

  1. Meaning and context of Jazbat
  2. JEP – a new method to solve mental illness

Jazbat is an Arabic word that means feelings and emotions. I have found in my life journey that individuals in this world cannot live without emotions.

When someone is emotional, relatives and friends warn him or her not to take a decision in hurry. In India, people will say- JAZBATI MAT BANO (DON’T BE EMOTIONAL).

Why, because culture and popular perception is that decision-making while being emotional can give destructive results.

Well, thought decision-based on logical thinking is said to be best in taking life forward. But, the dilemma of life is emotions are part of life and we can’t be logical always.

In my sense, emotions can be summarized in two opposite terms- love and hate. Any other emotions that are felt by individuals whether compassion, anger, or any other forms are just upper and lower degrees of love and hate.

Rajeev Jazbat

Emotions are created by beautiful and ugly experiences while living in relationships, family, and society. Individual seeks joys and tears in every moment of life.

Psychological problems like depression and suicidal thinking are a deep manifestation of emotional thinking which are dealt with in Psychotherapy as problems or mental illnesses.

I innovated a new method to heal people who are in pain due to any emotion in their personal life. Jazbat word, I choose as the first word to denote my concept because this is the central theme of my therapeutic approach.

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JEP – a new method to solve mental illness

Jazbat Emotional Psychotherapy or JEP is a method that involves psychology, philosophy, and communication in approach.

Basic frames from Psychology are taken as conditioning and reverse conditioning of the mind. Mental illness is basically caused by the conditioning of an individual in a certain situation,

Reverse conditioning is a solution to such a problem. If we change the structural sentence processing of an individual mind then the perception of the surrounding situation changes according to new ideas. And this new thinking process leads individuals toward solutions and decision-making.

The question arises that how to reverse conditioning will be done. Here Philosophy enters into the method of JEP to answer. What do we think? Every idea or thesis has anti-thesis, pro-thesis, and negation. If I say, this is mango. Anti-thesis is this is not mango, this is something else. Pro-thesis is this is mango because the whole world says this is mango. Negation is no, I don’t believe that this is mango. Mango is just imagination not reality.

I owe Socrates and Derrida for Thesis- Anti Thesis and Deconstruction concepts. JEP uses both these concepts to reverse the thinking of the individual. I will elaborate, on how this is done in my blog posts and in case studies.

JEP is more dependent on communication through chats rather than talking on the phone. I believe that the creative thinking process while writing is just like meditation and mindfulness which creates positive vibrations in our existence and encourages us to live on this earth.

JEP gives people a new orientation of mind and boosts thinking to make bold decisions. JEP teaches the mind to use life for the betterment of the world. JEP is successful in taking the individual out of emotional weaknesses and making them emotionally strong. JEP doesn’t destroy emotions but saves them from being destroyed by the mind.